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All About Title Insurance

  • Title Insurance Value Proposition
  • Life of a Title Search
  • Title Insurance FAQ
  • Homeownery's Policy Comparison
  • Preliminary Report
  • Statement of Information
  • Ways to Hold Title (Vesting)

All About Escrow

  • Escrow FAQs
  • About Escrow Process
  • Life of Escrow
  • Opening Escrow
  • Signing Appointment
  • Closing Costs Who Pays What

Loans in Your Escrow

  • About Loan Process
  • Loan FAQs & What is Payoff
  • PMI – Private Mortgage Insurance

Other Parties, Taxes & Terms

  • Other Parties in Escrow Transaction
  • Disclosure Report
  • Understanding Taxes in Escrow
  • CA Real Property Tax Dates
  • Glossary of Terms